Our Vision

Together against oppression.


We are a grassroots coalition of community members intent on striking a blow to white supremacy and all forms of oppression. 

We formed in August 2018 as a support system for anti-racist activists facing charges related to protests against white supremacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Through our partner non-profit, we formed the Anti-Racist Activist Fund which provides legal-related funds and other support for current and future defendants in the struggle against white supremacy in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Leftover funds will be used to support ongoing anti-racist activism.

Though we formed in response to the toppling of Silent Sam, we know that the statue's righteous fall is neither the beginning nor the end of the work we  need to do. We hope to build an infrastructure not just for supporting ongoing organizing against Silent Sam but for organizing against all forms of oppression in our community and around the world. 

The Silent Sam Sit-In at night (August 2017)

The Silent Sam Sit-In at night (August 2017)