Maya’s Appeal petition has been granted on all three grounds.

Read the Judicial Programs Officer’s statement in full:

The UNC Chapel Hill Judicial Programs Officer, Aisha Pridgen, has “concluded that you have stated a sufficient factual basis for appeal based on insufficiency of evidence, severity of sanctions, and violation of basic rights.”

Now, Maya’s appeal will go to the UNC Chapel Hill University Hearings Board which will decide whether to dismiss the case, remand the case for rehearing, or do nothing.

Maya Little’s Honor Court Appeal

Read the appeal in full:

On November 14th, a 16-page appeal petition was submitted in Ms. Little’s case on the grounds of insufficiency of evidence, violation of basic rights, and severity of sanctions.

The UNC Chapel Hill Judicial Programs Officer, Aisha Pridgen, will rule on whether to accept Maya’s appeal within five days. If the appeal is accepted, it will go to the University Hearings Board for judgment. The University Hearings Board may dismiss her case, remand it for rehearing, or reduce her sanctions.

Maya Little’s Honor Court Rationale

Read the Rationale in full:

Includes the majority holding finding Ms. Little guilty, written by Amelia Ahern, as well as two dissenting opinions.